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BatuBelah Art Space is an contemporary art laboratory based on Balinesse and abroad cultural and Indonesian art history which developing newest contemporary art based on local culture research meanwhile reaching global contemporary art. Our site and address is in Klungkung, east region of Bali island; Jalan Bypass Prof.DR. Ida Bagus Mantra, Tamansari No.1, Banjar Lepang, Klungkung-BALI.
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Batu Belah Community perform at “sprites” 28/07/2013


The Arts Island Festival 2013

some photos of The Arts Island Festival 2013 at Batu Belah Art Spaceme f f Belah Art Spaceahe

The Art Island Festival

Date/Time : June 25th, 2013 at 06.00 Pm – finish Place : Batu Belah Art Space Jalan Raya Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra, Br.Lepang, Klungkung, Bali Contact Email : amigoartmanagement@gmail.com The Arts Island Festival is initiative, created and directed by dancer Agung Gunawan. This year is become the 4th TAIF since it’s opened in 2009. The … Continue reading

Preparing The Art Island Festival 2013 at Batu Belah Art Space

The Art Island Festival 2013 at Batu Belah Art Space June 25th, 2013

Asst Prof Paul Trinidad Artist Resident at Batubelah Art Space ‘trees that speak’ Suklu – Trinny

Asst Prof. Paul Trinidad is an artist from Perth Western Australia.  He commenced his residency at Batubelah Art on May 5th and will be here for about two weeks. He has been processing his art works which later will be exhibited in Sudakara Art Space, Sanur Bali. Among other works, Paul is working on three … Continue reading

Mr. Paul Artist Resident at Batubelah Art Space

Mr. Paul is an artist from Perth Australia, he have been at Batubelah Art Space starting on May 5th and will be there for about two weeks. He have been processing his art works which exhibited in Sudakara Art Space Sanur Bali.

Respon Penari

Respon Penari The Art Island Festival is an artist-led independent initiative, the festival is an opportunity for booth local indonesian artists and international artists to tour their work.


workshop by batubelah community which joined by two participants from malaysia.

ART Review: Artist Museum Weeks

Artist Museum Weeks at BBAS Define A Critical Review by Argus FS, Program Curator The critical review is a basic need in art scene to developing the process of writing art history within traditional art through contemporary art as attached as research goals. Actually, the true critical review was never been established in Indonesia art … Continue reading